We’re on Summer Hiatus!

We’re taking a little summer hiatus on the blog (and by “we” I mean yours truly). Don’t worry though, it’s all good things over here!

I have recently transitioned jobs, which I’ll write more about when we’re back to our regularly scheduled party, and since I want to give my blog only the best, I’m going to step away while I make a few adjustments.

First of all, I need to adjust to my new job!

While I’m all about change, I struggle a bit with major transitions. I need a lot of rest, and find that I get stressed far easier when I’m in a season of transition. Blogging is a lovely thing, but it’s also a busy thing. In order to adjust to my new role, my new office, and my new everything, I’m trying to cut my commitments down to the bare bones.

Secondly, I want to learn more about blogging.

Like I wrote about in this post, I learned a lot about what it looks like to blog in my first six months live. Blogging consistently was the hardest part, and the part I was most frustrated with myself about. In order to focus on refining my work flow and finding a routine that works well for me, I want to devote a big chunk of the summer to learning even more about better blogging. A hiatus allows for that!

Thirdly, we’re doing some redesigning!

While on hiatus I’ll be working with my amazing team at Autumn Lane┬áto refine some elements of what the ol’ site looks like. I’ve figured out how I really want the site to look as you navigate it…a fun consequence of having a blog that actually exists, versus one you’re only dreaming about.

Finally, I’m going to be doing a little more writing than usual…

My first novel, which you can read more about here, is getting some reworking as well. I attended an awesome writing conference back in April that inspired me to rework parts of my manuscript, and as much as I love that process, it’s a TON of work! A girl can only do so much, you know?

And I may or may not have started a whole new writing project that I’m over the moon about.

Ahh, sweet sweet summer. I hope yours is full of sun and sand, parties and pina coladas, dreaming and doing, and everything in between. We’ll be back in August!

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