The 2017 Single Girl’s Guide to Summer Party Snacks

Sipping lemonade, lying in the sun, swirling your toes in a clear, cool pool….

Guys, it’s summer.

A pretty big chunk of my pals are either not working (teachers!) or score 3-day weekends over the summer, which means lots of pool time, game nights, and time with my people. And any time I get to entertain? Oooh, y’all. I love that.

But feeding a party while living the single girl lifestyle has some pretty unique requirements. If you read this spring’s 5 Amazing Single Girl Recipes, you know that our 2017 Guide to Summer Party Snacks had to follow strict Single Girl guidelines:

  1. MUST be things you can keep on hand all summer, since we all know summer gatherings tend to be spur-of-the-moment.
  2. MUST be quick and easy to prepare…if they require any prep at all.
  3. MUST NOT break the bank!

Head to Target this weekend, stock up, and let the summer fun begin.

1. Super summer-y sundae fixings

I usually keep 1-3 different tubs of ice cream around, depending on how packed my freezer is. Sherbert, strawberry, or cotton candy are great options because of their bright colors, but you can never go wrong with vanilla!

From there, you’ll need chocolate syrup or caramel syrup (I keep both), whip cream, a jar of cherries, and some brightly colored sprinkles. The best part? All of those things can sit in your fridge/pantry all summer and not spoil!

2. Your party BFF….frozen pizza.

This is a great option if you need to feed people, like, a meal. And it’s another thing you can stock up on and keep. I like to get the basics, like cheese and pepperoni, plus a few of the fancier ones.

And while you’re in the frozen aisle, pick up a few boxes of frozen appetizers if your freezer has the space. There are SO many options now (I die for the Target brand crab puffs), and are great for smaller groups, or for a lighter app option.

3. Lemonade/Kool-Aid Mix

I like the powder kind because you can keep the jug in your pantry for forever, if you want. I like to have the regular lemon flavor, pink lemonade, and bright blue Kool-Aid. You can serve them alone or use them as mixers, which is super fun for summer.

If you want it to be slightly more legit, you can use the frozen cans (with actual pulp). If you don’t have an ice machine, I would make sure to have a extra ice trays on hand so you don’t have to store a massive ice bag.

From there, keep a pack of clear plastic cups, and those cheesy little umbrellas if you want to get your housewife game going strong. You can also get cheap punch bowls at the dollar store or Target dollar section, especially in the summer.

4. Popcorn + Toppings

Keep a box, pop a bag, voila.

Popcorn is good year-round but I like it for summer because it can sit outside without melting, and you don’t have to worry about serving it hot.

I’m not super fancy when it comes to toppings, but I keep M&M’s, chocolate chips, and goldfish crackers + pretzel sticks to make a mix.

5. Summer fruit + fruit dip

This is the only thing you’ll need to stay on top of since fruit won’t keep for too long, but I always feel like I have to take advantage of my favorite summer fruits while I can!

Grab watermelon, blueberries, and strawberries and you’ll feel like a real adult. You can also keep a little tub of fruit dip (it will keep well if refrigerated). You can serve each separately or throw it into a bowl for fruit salad (#adulting).

6. Brownie mix + Vanilla icing + Strawberries = The easiest summer dessert pizza ever.

I was inspired by this recipe in a pinch last 4th of July, and it instantly became a favorite.

Basically all you need to do is prep a boxed brownie mix, pour it into a flat, round pan, and bake according to the package directions.

Once it’s cooled (really, really cooled) spread a thin layer of icing as evenly as you can, and top with sliced strawberries. Make sure you use a paper towel to throughly dry off your strawberries, or any other fruit you top it with, or it will drain into your icing and make a mess!

I love this dessert because you can whip it up beforehand, but it’s low-maintenance and quick enough that you can also prep and bake it while you have people over. And if you want to get fancy with your slicing and arranging, you can make this dessert look really pretty.

7. Tube cookies!

They probably have a real name, but this is what I call them. Or break-n’-bakes, or whatever. The point is: refrigerated cookie dough.

I know people have mixed feelings about this stuff but hey, we’re 20-somethings. Nobody has time for homemade cookies. I’ve also found that you if you bake these babies for 1-2 minutes less than what the package says, pull them out while they still look doughy, and let them set on the hot baking sheet, you get a softer, better cookie out of the deal.

8. Lastly, the basics.

  1. Your favorite beer.
  2. Red, white, or pink wine. (Or all of them)
  3. Your go-to’s for mix drinks.
  4. Tortilla or potato chips.
  5. Dips: artichoke, french onion, ranch, etc.

Happy, happy Summer!

Alright, you tell me! What are YOUR favorite snacks to keep around for your buds in the summer time?

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