Sweet + Simple Holiday Decor via partyofsarah.com

Simple + Sweet Christmas Decor

This may be my favorite time of the year, but it’s also the absolute craziest. Ya feel?

We talked in this post about the importance of planning ahead and choosing your priorities when it comes to tackling the holiday season. For me? That meant keeping my holiday decor sweet but simple!

The mister and I are headed to Austin, TX this Saturday and won’t be returning until next weekend (so excited to spend Christmas with his family!). Since I won’t be home for the bulk of the festivities, I saw literally zero reason to stress over decor this year!

I do love to have things festive so I couldn’t abandon the decor all together. Here’s how I kept my holiday decor sweet + simple this year!

Tiny details.

Sweet + Simple Christmas Decor via partyofsarah.com

Sweet + Simple Christmas Decor via partyofsarah.com

If you can’t tell by the photos, I am absolutely enchanted by these tiny bottle-brush trees! I picked them in packs of three from the Target dollar section (you know, heaven on Earth). I made a lil’ forest by my Christmas-y candles, and it’s been hanging out beside me at my desk all month.

Sweet + Simple Christmas Decor via partyofsarah.com

Using tiny details to round out your Christmas decor is a great way to make setup and take-down of your decor quick and easy. Huge trees, greenery and wreaths are beautiful, but may not be worth it if you’re traveling for the holidays. Go for the tinies!

Notes of whimsy.

Why yes, I do have a donut tree in my house.

Sweet + Simple Christmas Decor via partyofsarah.com

Talk about bang for your holiday buck. This tiny tree took less than 20 minutes to decorate and has gotten more comments and love than anything else in my house.

I found these donut ornaments and Hobby Lobby. After I swooned a bit I snatched them all up, grabbed some pink ribbon, and thus, the donut tree of 2017 was born.

Giving this tree a whimsical theme keeps it from becoming just another small tree. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

Every. Single. Time.

Winter-y touches.

These sweet snowflake lights (also from heaven the Target dollar section) can stay up for the rest of winter! One less thing to take down as soon as New Year’s is over and done.

Sweet + Simple Christmas Decor via partyofsarah.com

As much as I love twinkle lights, I opted against them this year. They take so much time to put up and, once again, prioritizing this time of year is key!

White Christmas trees.

Sweet + Simple Christmas Decor via partyofsarah.com

This white tree + rosey gold ornaments play perfectly with the color scheme of my room/office space! Can’t promise that this won’t stay up past Christmas either.

Sweet + Simple Christmas Decor via partyofsarah.com

I scoffed at white trees until about a year ago, when I realized how beautiful they really are. This is an easy way to give your space a festive but modern feel.

Sweet holiday messages.

I swear, 80% of the farmhouse trend is in the signage!

Sweet + Simple Christmas Decor via partyofsarah.com

Adding just few holiday-themed signs to my bookshelf made the entire piece feel a part of my decorating scheme. It also took about five minutes to complete (and would have taken less of it hadn’t been so long since I’d dusted!).

Sweet + Simple Christmas Decor via partyofsarah.com

Just a few simple additions made my home feel festive. Thanks for joining me on this little tour!

Are you traveling for the holidays? If so, do you bother to decorate? Or go all-out? Somewhere in between? Tell me in the comments!

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Simple and Sweet Holiday Decor via partyofsarah.com


  1. Your bookshelf is color-coded. COLOR-CODED BY BOOK. I love it.

    And also, the donut tree—brilliant!!

    1. Author

      Thanks for the love!! Color coding was the only way for me to make it feel like it “matched”. Ha!

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