Outfit of the Week//Shop Local

The morning that I shot these photos with the lovely Kailey Watson, no less than five people stopped to tell me that they loved my outfit. Considering that I was wearing a pair of jeans, flats, and rocking 4th day hair, I don’t think I deserved all the praise. But that, friends, is the magic of an off-the-shoulder top.

Not to mention the magic of local boutique Urban Couture which you absolutely must check out if you’re a Tulsa girl. Talk more in a sec–

(Don’t worry, I’m still hopelessly short.)

You better believe I’m going to be adding even more of these to my closet this spring. It’s the perfect polished-but-casual look, don’t you think? (P.S. My jeans and flats are both Stitch Fix, surprising no one.)

Now, I think we should all shop local where possible. Urban Couture is the best there is in my town. I feel like many boutiques are either ridiculously expensive or so cheap that the items are worthless. But trust me, there’s a whole middle ground out there that’s worth tracking down in your hometown. Shopping local is the key to having a look that’s on-trend, but not a carbon copy of what everyone else is wearing. Mixing locally-purchased items in your wardrobe will keep your look uniquely “you”!

Add a few jewels, and you’re good to go. 

My earrings are SUGARFIX by BaubleBar, available at Target. Don’t even get me started on how beautiful this stuff is. I’ll be posting more about it next week! In the meantime I’m still out of town, but I hope you’ll take the time to fall in love with a local boutique this spring. You won’t regret it! And if you’re local….GO TO URBAN COUTURE. YOU OWE IT TO YOUR SWEET SELF.

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