My Secret Weapon for Avoiding The Pink Tax

I’m sure you’ve heard of the pink tax, though it’s not really a “tax” at all.

It’s been proven that women pay more for certain products and services than men do, and sometimes significantly more. We’re talking everything from razors and toothpaste, to toys and dry cleaning costs. It’s even gone as far as ink pens, which Ellen Degeneres famously ripped apart on her show.

This phenomenon (…but is it really a phenomenon?) is known as the “pink tax”. It’s a name which refers both to a color universally associated with women, and also to the fact that the pink version of, say, a razor, can cost up to 7% more than what the boy-version costs. Aka, the blue or black one. What’s a girl to do?

Well, we can vote differently.

Sarah, come one. Give me something practical that I can do today! 

Got you covered, girl.

I started doing more research about the pink tax when I was contacted by a shaving company called Harry’s (you may have seen their ads at Target recently!). They’re hoping to expand their products’ reach to women as a way of combating the unfair price hikes on shaving products. Harry’s was kind enough to send me one of their shave sets to try, but all opinions are my own.

But, we’ll get to that in a minute.

The number one way that you can combat the pink tax is by….

…refusing to spend more on a product that your boyfriend also uses everyday just because it’s pink, or maybe kind of smells better.

A great place to start is your razor and shave gel/cream. Those mark-ups are RIDICULOUS. Don’t play into that, bud.

My secret weapon is company’s like Harry’s, or even Dollar Shave Club who are aware of what’s going on in their industry and are fighting back for the benefit of women who (heaven forbid) may not really need their razor to be pink.

And this, coming from a girl who’s entire blog is pink. My favorite color is pink! MY JAMMIES ARE PINK AS WE SPEAK. It’s not about the pink, it’s about not letting an industry charge us more just because they know we’ll “pay more to look good and feel good.”

I’ve been a Dollar Shave Club member for quite some time. I originally joined because I was terrible about buying replacement razor blades, and I like the ease of getting blades in the mail for a significantly lower price than what replacement blades cost at the store.

After trying Harry’s, though, I’ll be making a switch.

I didn’t have huge issues with Dollar Shave Club, but I did notice that the blades had a tendency to break after a week or two. It was never a problem because they sent me enough replacements, but Harry’s is definitely producing a better quality product. I loved the razor and shave gel that they sent me! I had no problems with burn or bumps, nicks or cuts, and was amazed by how lightweight the handle + blade were. And, they have a subscription program too!

Supporting companies that are on board with treating women fairly sets an example for the other giants out there. And, you WILL save money. What’s there to lose?

Take notice this week of the products you use on a daily basis that you know aren’t unique to women. Consider replacing them next time around! Harry’s is a great secret weapon, and I know you won’t be disappointed with the quality.

And, also, vote!


  1. Yes! This is great advice, Sarah. The Pink Tax might seem like pennies in the store, but they really add up! Think of what you could do with the money you save. If you have a minute, check out our tool to identify products that charge a pink tax, compare with other comparable (and cheaper!) products, and track your savings!

    Pinkies Up!

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