The Procrastinator's Guide to Christmas-- How to Get It All Done in 5 Days or Less via

The Procrastinator’s Guide to Christmas

Let’s just get right to it, shall we? Because if you’re reading this post, then time is of the essence.

Onward, procrastinators.

How To Finish Your Christmas Shopping– FAST.

With only a few days left until Christmas, shopping is an actual nightmare. And at this point, I wouldn’t bet on shipping to come through on time.

No, sweet friend, you need the mall.

Procrastinators’ Tip #1: Complete your shopping in 1 trip, and only make said trip first thing in the morning or late at night.

Not just because the crowds suck. But because time is of the essence, and EVERYTHING will take longer during peak shopping hours. You should either be in the parking lot when the stores open, or plan to be there an hour or so before close. You’ll thank me, I promise.

Next, map out exactly who needs a gift and what you’re going to buy for them. For the love of all that is holy, now is not the time to window shop, or browse until you get a good idea.

It is the age of the internet gift guide, my friends. And here’s a few fabulous ones: for her, for him, for kids, in general, in general, in general.

In emergencies, think blankets. I cannot even tell  you how many people in my life have been gifted a blanket under holiday duress. Several people on my list are getting super plush, cozy throws from Brookstone even though I started my shopping in November. It’s a good gift in a pinch, or whenever!

Armed with your list, map out exactly where you need to go and in what order. You’ll be done in no time.

How To Wrap Your Gifts (so it doesn’t look like you did it in the car).

First of all, A LOT can be accomplished with real ribbon and pretty paper. My holiday wrapping inspiration post from last week has a lot of tips, plus links to lightning fast wrapping and bow-tying tutorials.

Procrastinators’ Tip #2: It doesn’t matter if you resort to gift bags and tissue paper. As long as it doesn’t look sloppy.

If you’re cool with sloppy, then slop it up my friend. But if you’re attempting to make this look like it didn’t happen three hours ago, then read on.

Go with gift bags: if you’re good with tissue paper. Don’t just stuff it in the bag. Here’s a quick tutorial.

Pull out the paper: if you have an hour or more. Put on a Christmas movie (our binge worthy guide to Netflix Christmas movies can be found here!) and make some magic happen. Stick-on bows are acceptable.

Add bows and baubles: if you have a day or so to get your gifts ready. Use real ribbon, and loop in pretty gift tags, bells, or tiny ornaments. Again, check here for more inspiration and tutorials.

How NOT To Show Up to the Potluck Empty-Handed.

…or wherever food is required.

This, my friends, is the world’s best chocolate chip cookie recipe.

And if you’re really in a pinch, make some brownies from a box, smother them in white frosting, add some sprinkles, and YOU’RE GOOD.

If major food prep is ahead of you, check out our Single Girl’s Guide from this past Thanksgiving. There’s a bunch of appetizer, side dish, and dessert recipes that are tested by the boss (ahem, me). You can also check out/follow our Food + Drink board on Pinterest for lots of ideas.

When all else fails, Sam’s Club and Costco have great party trays.

How To Clean + Decorate Your House (in record time).

Procrastinator’s Tip #3: Unless you’re hosting the festivities, then skip this part. Completely.

If you are hosting in some capacity, Target is the best place for a last minute tree and ornaments. Throw a few things on your mantel and call it good. Last-minute decorating is best relegated to one room. Minimalism. You know?

If you need to clean your house in a hurry, then this playlist is all you need. Stash any clutter, clean the bathrooms (Clorox wipes, if you have to), and vacuum. You can do it. And jam while you do!

For simple, last-minute holiday decor, check out yesterday’s post!

Now, you tell me!

Are you a last-minute girl? Is your dining room table already set for Christmas dinner? Presents tucked under the tree, or still in the trunk of your car? Tell me in the comments!

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