My Word of the Year + Party of Sarah Blog's 1st Birthday!

My Word of the Year + Party of Sarah Blog’s 1st Birthday!

Believe it or not, it’s’s 1ST BIRTHDAY!

Well, you can probably believe it. I totally cannot.

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Starting this blog was on my to-do list for several years before I finally launched on January 2nd of last year. The blogging world comes with a lot of initial overwhelm, so if you’re interested in learning more about how to get over the hump you can visit this post with links to my free “mini” eBook on getting your blog off the ground.

I know most of you aren’t bloggers. But you ARE a fabulous, talented, ambitious woman with your own list of dreams and to-do’s. While January truly is a great time to refocus, I loved this post from Lara Casey about how there’s nothing inherently magical about January. It’s a great read for us “normal” girls who get about mid-way through January and already feel like we’ve failed at everything.

The truth is: you haven’t. Not at all.

If there’s any one thing I’ve learned about achieving your goals, it’s that it’s not a perfect upward trajectory. There will be a million plunges and plateaus along the way. That’s why I’m so grateful that there’s really nothing magical about January; you can refocus, reorient, and restart any time, girlfriend.

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(Btw, this super fun dress was from Gray Monroe. My shoes are old and I can’t find anything similar as of now. Stay tuned!)

For all the reasons above, my word of the year is celebrate. Why? Because I spend so much time fretting about where I’ve come up short. Instead, I want to mark this year by celebrating all the tiny victories. Maybe my blog post was a day late, but I sure did manage to post it despite working a full-time job and being a generally busy girl. That’s worth a smile, a pat on my own back, a celebration.

What would my life look if I celebrated my tiny victories, instead of aching over my tiny failures? If I focused on celebrating my co-workers, my friends, family, and all the joy they bring into my life?

Well, personally, I think it would my life would look way more like this:

My Word of the Year + Party of Sarah Blog's 1st Birthday!

There’s one more reason why I’ve decided on celebrate as my word of the year…but I won’t spill the beans on that until tomorrow!

In the mean time, I would LOVE to know your word of the year! Leave me a comment here on Instagram so we can chat about it, would ya?

My Word of the Year + Party of Sarah Blog's 1st Birthday!


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