Outfit of the Week// Winter Bohemian

Do you have an Altar’d State where you live? We got one in Tulsa a few years ago, and it’s my go-to spot when I want to add something to my closet that has a bohemian vibe. I wouldn’t describe my style as bohemian necessarily, but I like it’s airy vibe so I do like to incorporate it every now and again.

Like this dress (similar here) that’s sweet but not over the top. This one was actually gifted to me from a sweet friend who bought it at Altar’d State and then accidentally shrunk it…right to my 5’1 size! It’s too short for work but it would work virtually anywhere else.

Pair a piece like this with a statement necklace that isn’t loud. Does that make sense? This stone is big, but it’s a muted, quiet color. I would keep this look airy, if I were you! Here’s a similar one, also from Altar’d State. They didn’t pay me for this post, by the way. I just love their stuff!

 My boots were a steal from Call It Spring, and they’re currently on sale! They have a sweet little scallop detail across the top that makes me smile when I look down at them. They’re very versatile, too, since they had a low-enough heel that I could wear them with this dress, but high enough that I’ve worn them to work.

Plus, who doesn’t love a little snow on their toes, right?

All photos by the lovely Kailey Watson.


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