Outfit of the Week// How to Wear All-Black

All-black is a chic look, but it takes a little extra thought if you don’t want to end up looking like Wednesday Addams. Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Choose statement jewelry in either silver or gold. I would avoid a bright color, because it will detract from the all-black wow factor. This is mine, and it’s on sale!
  2. Go for a simple, but interesting, silhouette. This sweater and skinny jeans combo isn’t loud, but the oversize fit of the sweater in contrast with the skinny  jeans gives it an interesting shape.
  3. Make sure your blacks aren’t faded! I’m pretty sparing about washing anything black for this purpose. I’ve heard you can dye your stuff once it fades, but I’m not that cool yet.
  4. Subtle details are your friend. I’ve mentioned these boots from Call It Spring before (they are on major sale right now!). The little scallop detail is my favorite thing about them. They help give this look some character without detracting from the chic look we’re going for, here. 
  5. Stay within your usual style. To keep from feeling completely out of your comfort zone, choose blacks in pieces and silhouettes that are already part of your normal look. I live in black skinny jeans, so even though I usually go for color and wouldn’t wear something this monochrome, I still look and feel like myself.

I’ve gotta tell you, I’m exhausted today. I’ve mentioned before that I teach in a huge high school theatre department, and our program had our biggest show of the year this past weekend. I worked somewhere between 80 and 90 hours and while it’s a magical experience, I’m far from looking chic today! On the contrary, today will be a Monday spent loafing around my school in jeans and my Kale t-shirt. I didn’t even glance at my makeup bag this morning.

And you know what? That’s okay. Some days you laugh in the snow in your new black sweater, and some days you wear a vegetable shirt. You’re still awesome, either way.

All photos by the best, Miss Kailey Watson.

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