Spruce Up Your Space for the New Year (On a Budget!)

Something about a New Year makes me want to freshen up my space more than usual. If I could, I would redecorate at least one room in my house every 2 or 3 months. I LOVE home decor, especially if it’s budget home decor. There’s something about freshening up a room and making it feel totally different than it did before that just gets all my creative juices flowing. And because I love home decor so much, I’m always itching to try new things when I see them on the shelf at HomeGoods or on Pinterest.

But yeah, it’s a pricey habit. And one that I just cannot afford to let get out of control.

But I just can’t resist New Year’s, so I have a list of 6 easy swap-outs that I can do make things feel fresh! Plus, they’re all on a budget! Most all of the items I’ve listed here can be found at Target or Society6, and I bet you anything you can find copycats of almost all of these pretties at good old HomeGoods. Happy sprucing!

  1. Gold-Foil Art:

    This particular print wasn’t an Etsy find, but you can find pretty gold foils like this all over Etsy town these days. I recently did a set of three of these above my bed in pretty big sizes (11×14) and it makes a huge impact, especially since I spent about $30 all told. I also got mine in rose gold, which, swoon.

  2. Twinkle Lights: 

    I hate the letdown of taking the Christmas lights down, so why not replace them with something less seasonal? This set from Target is ON SALE, comes in copper, and is seriously beautiful.

  3. Throw Pillows: You can get throw pillows cheap and if you do it right, you can make your whole bed or sofa look super fresh. Right now I recommend looking for interesting textures, geometric patterns, or cheeky little sayings that will make you smile as you walk by! Both the blue and the geometric print are from Society 6, the holy grail of throw pillows.
  4. A New Candle: 

    I’m convinced that this is the best candle that ever arrived on God’s green Earth, and you can often get it cheaper on Amazon. In any case, nothing will help you feel more thoroughly “spruced” than a lovely new scent!

  5. All the Fuzzy Blankets: 

    Fuzzies like this one from Target will be going on sale this time of year, which baffles me since there’s still several months of cold weather left. A pretty one that matches your space can give your bed new life, and even if you stash your blankets in a closet somewhere, there’s nothing better than a fuzzy blanket on a cold night of Netflix-ing (is that a word? Whatever).

  6. Lamplight: 

    I have about six different variations of this cheap little lamp from Target. I don’t know why, it just looks so much classier than I ever would have thought! This bright blue color is so pretty, and at that price? You won’t have to feel guilty about it. Make sure to check HomeGoods too, they have great prices on lighting!

See? There’s no excuse not to do a little sprucing to ring in the New Year! A few small changes can make a huge difference. What are some of your favorite ways to spruce up your space without blowing a hole in your budget? Tell me in the comments!

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