Blog Chat: Party of Sarah is One Month Old!

Writing this post is surreal in more than a few ways. Like I’ve mentioned here and here, it took a long time for my blogging dream to become a reality, so to sit here and reflect on my first full month as a blogger is surreal, but oh so wonderful, too.

My first month as a blogger came with many surprises, and many lessons learned! I’ll outline some of them for you, as well as my stats for this month (which totally blew my mind).

Why am I telling you this? Because you’re part of the party, and this is no fun without you anyway!

My First Month’s Stats:

My First Month’s Page Views: 3,349!

Needless to say, this far out-ranked even my wildest expectations. My goal for my Launch Day was 200 page views, so when I logged in around lunch time and saw that I had just hit 1,200 page views, I was positive that my analytics had gone rogue, or something. I fished through every single state multiple times before I believed it was real.

I mean it when I say that before I launched, my goal was 500 monthly page views. 1,000? Maybe in my wildest dream.

This means that I surpassed my goal by a whopping 570%!

I know it’s small compared to career bloggers, but wow, this girl is happy.

My First Month’s Social Media Stats:

  • Instagram: 221 followers
  • Facebook Page: 133 likes
  • Twitter: 181 followers
  • Pinterest: 366 followers
  • Email Subscribers: 49 (my goal was 10!)

Best Moments:

  • When I posted this photo of myself on my Facebook page and it received QUADRUPLE the engagements and reach of any of my other posts, and I still have absolutely no idea why! 
  • On my Launch Day, I received an email from a random reader who had found my site, and emailed me to tell me that it was exactly the type of blog she’d been hoping for.
  • Learning how much you guys love recipe posts like this one!

Rough Moments:

  • After being somewhat paralyzed after my stats started to come in, and experiencing the shock of trying to maintain a blog while teaching full-time, my blog went silent for almost two weeks. I felt like a huge failure, so I promised myself that I can’t ever let that happen again! Thanks for sticking with me, friend.

Goals for Next Month:

  • I want to share more peeks of my life on social media! Some of that involves being consistent about taking photos of my real life, and also making sure that my laundry isn’t, you know, everywhere.
  • I would love to figure out how to raise my engagement on Pinterest. I have an account with BoardBooster and I hope to delve into that a bit more this month, and figure out how it works. If you are savvy on Pinterest, I’d love to know how you do it! If you’re not following me yet, here’s my page. 

It’s been a wild month. Thank you for going along for the ride!

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