The Truth About LipSense (from someone who doesn’t sell it!)

I’d seen people raving about LipSense products from SeneGence for a few months on Facebook, but I’m usually not someone who pays much attention to products from direct sales companies. You know? In general I think the products under-deliver and are over-priced. Not to mention, it’s really hard for me to accept a product review from someone who is selling the stuff. You know what I mean?

Well, I am not being compensated in any way, shape, or form for this post. Even if you wanted to buy it from me after you read this post, ya can’t. I don’t sell it! So from my makeup drawer to yours, here’s my verdict on LipSense:

I absolutely freakin’ love it.

I wear it every single day.

It’s single-handedly become my every-day makeup staple.

Here’s everything you need to know!

It really does stay on all day long. 

You apply three coats of the actual color, and then the LipSense gloss on top of that. The gloss is what makes it stay put, and it keeps it from feeling dry like most every other long-wear lip color I’ve tried. You do have to reapply the gloss a few times a day, but it doesn’t bother me since you don’t need a mirror to do it! There are a bunch of different glosses available, and I have loved every one I’ve tried.

It’s not actually that hard to get off. 

I’ve been using these Aveeno makeup removing wipes for several years because I love the smell, and it takes my LipSense off in under a minute. SeneGence also sells a makeup remover, but I don’t use it because my stuff works just fine!

The color selection is bomb. 

Seriously, the colors are beautiful (and there are WAY more than I have pictured below!). I started out with one and I think I own 6 different colors now, a mix of bold and more subtle shades. I get compliments on my lip color almost weekly.

It helped make me brave enough to try a bolder lip. 

I had always admired the beautiful, bold lip colors I saw on blogs and on Pinterest but was never ballsy enough to try them myself. LipSense really helped with that, because I trusted the product so much and it’s very easy to exchange if the color doesn’t work for you. I had pneumonia earlier in the year and didn’t have the energy to put on a full face of makeup for work. For several weeks all I wore were my glasses and Razzberry LipSense, and nobody was the wiser.

It’s affordable. 

Colors are $25 and glosses are $20, and I find that mine last quite a long time, as I’m not reapplying them 12 times a day. If you become a daily wearer like I am, you will have to buy gloss more often than color since you WILL be reapplying that throughout the day. I have 3 glosses that I switch between and have only had to replace one of them so far.

I hope this helps! I’m a huge fan, and I know it can be hard to figure out if products like this are actually worth the hype when it feels like every post you see about it is coming from a consultant. I’m sharing this with you because I’m in love with it!

If you’re local and you’d like to order, I buy mine from the sweetest girl. You can learn more about the products on her Facebook page.

Anybody else a LipSense addict? Have more questions? Comment below, and I’m happy to chat!


  1. Great review Sarah, I’ve been wanting to try LipSense and had only seen reviews from those who sell it – lol! I’m gonna give a try now because I like lipstick but it always rubs off too quickly during the day.

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