I’m Engaged!

(you’ll have to forgive the lack of photos for now! i’m struggling through upload issues, since the photos I have are not from my normal photographer. read on!)

Well friends, it’s happened!

I nabbed the best guy in the world, he put a ring on my finger, and now we are getting married.

…and I almost messed up the entire proposal, because I thought we were stopping the car for PokemonGo.

For the love, PokemonGo.

I should probably explain that the mister (Colt!) fizzled out on PokemonGo like eighteen months ago, just like the rest of America. But when he suddenly turned the car around on the way to a New Year’s Eve party, said there was “somewhere he wanted to go” and wouldn’t stop looking at his phone, it was all too reminiscent of the days when that dumb game first came out.

Being the supportive girlfriend I am, I went with it!

But wait, let me start from the beginning.

My fianc√© (eek!) is easily the kindest, smartest, most patient man I’ve ever met. And while I was dating someone when we first met and totally ignored him (sorry honey), it wasn’t long before I started to hope that a smart, successful engineer like him might notice a wild, confetti-throwing blogger like me.

We owe it all to an ill-fated float trip (a story for another day!) and a slow-moving but unexpectedly sweet friendship. He was the kind of guy who didn’t mind driving me home, soaking wet, after I’d jumped into a pool fully-clothed on a whim. When I was stressed he would always tell me to “walk him through it”. And somehow I always felt better after I did.

At some point I remember thinking that I would be an idiot not to marry him. That’s how good, and kind, and strong, and wonderful he is.

Our friendship morphed into a relationship in such a way that it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when that transition began, but I do remember when we made it official. (I realize that no one really does that in their twenties, but my guy did. On a swing set at a park I’d been playing at since I was a tiny girl.)

Anyway, back to the story.

My BFF texted me to push back the start time for her NYE party. I should add that the fact that the party plans changed so frequently throughout the day was exactly the reason why I wasn’t expecting a proposal that night. My friends are the sneakiest!

That’s how we ended up back at the same park, in fact. As special as it is to us I also happen to know that it’s a frequent Pokestop, and I really was trying to just go with it. Colt fumbled around on his phone for a minute before telling me that he wanted to get out for a minute. AND I STILL DIDN’T CATCH ON, Y’ALL.

We walked across the park to a bridge covered in Christmas lights. “I don’t think they normally put lights on the bridge for Christmas,” I mentioned.

“Yeah, they don’t.”

I paused at that. “How do you know that?”

I turned to hear his answer, and he wasn’t there.

Because he was behind me, down on one knee.

And as I briefly reflected about what a dimwit I was for missing all these signs, the love of my life asked me to marry him.

Easiest yes of my life.

Everything is kind of a blur from there. I don’t remember exactly what he said, I don’t remember exactly the moment when I realized that hiding behind nearly bush in the park were our wonderful friends, who had draped that bridge with Christmas lights in 4 degree weather. At some point someone put a blue headband around my frozen ears, and I don’t remember that either.

All I remember is happy.  Complete, depths-of-my-heart, happy.

Turns out my friends and Colt had been playing this for weeks. The NYE party in question was actually an engagement party for us; we were able to spend the rest of the night and the first few minutes of 2018 celebrating with some of our favorite people. I wouldn’t have changed a single detail!

Good lord, I love this guy.

We’ll be saying “I do” on July 21, 2018.


  1. Congratulations Sarah!! Such
    News! You will be the most stunning bride!

  2. What a beautiful love story! May all your dreams come true and May God truly bless your marriage!!

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