I Wrote a Book!

So what makes some friendships fade and others last from diapers to diplomas, and beyond?

That’s the question I wanted to explore when I started writing Our Twenty-Second Summer shortly after I moved to Boston on a whim, and a few months after I finished college. I was in the thick of a complete quarter-life crisis. My degree had left me with few job opportunities I could take advantage of right out of college, and grad school hadn’t panned out. I felt like a failure, and with so many of my friends drifting away to start their new lives, I also felt lonely.

Many of those friendships faded, but my relationship with my tightest group of friends, whom I’d known since I was a very tiny girl, remained the strongest thing in my world. But what made that friendship so different from all the other relationships I had in my life? By the time we’d graduated, two of us were engaged, one was starting a master’s program, one was already in the career world… and I was a gigantic mess. And yet we held even tighter to each other and weathered those stressful, messy years side by side.

We were all in totally different places in our lives, but all of us were just as terrified, thrilled, and uncertain as the other. There is just something about those tumultuous post-graduate years that’s universal, you know?

With those two ideas in mind, I began to write. I wanted something like Ann Brashares’ The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants—something that captured the phase of life that I was in with the same poignancy, depth, and humor that she had done in her portrayal of adolescence (I don’t know about you…but I agonized about Lena and Kostos for, like, YEARS). Where was that? Where was the book that portrayed the perils of twenty-something life in a way that was real but that gave me some hope? Could something make all of us feel just a little less alone out there, with our jumbo pack of ramen and student loans?

I couldn’t find it, so I wrote it.

Interested? I would LOVE to tell you more about my finished manuscript! I’m actively seeking representation and am looking for the right fit for myself and my work.