(Not Your Mother's) Holiday Wrapping Inspiration! via partyofsarah.com

(Not Your Mother’s) Holiday Wrapping Inspiration!

Insight into my soul: I hate traditional holiday wrapping paper.

I get so tired of seeing the same paper in the same four colors.  But, I’m traditionally a midnight-on-Christmas-Eve person when it comes to wrapping presents. My choices are usually limited to whatever is left at the dollar store or stuffing everything in gift bags with red tissue paper. Ugh.

I made it a goal this year to really enjoy my favorite season of the year by avoiding overwhelm. I wrote all about avoiding holiday overwhelm here, and my resolve to keep organized and stay ahead of the game. Even Santa would have been proud of me this year, y’all! I made time to shop for supplies and do my holiday wrapping exactly the way I like to do it–

Non-traditional, but still super festive.

(Not Your Mother's) Holiday Wrapping Inspiration! via partyofsarah.com

Dishing up creative, festive, Santa-free gift wrapping really doesn’t take all that long. Here’s how I do it, and how you can too (even on Christmas Eve!).

This year’s secret weapon: confetti tape!

My friends at Thimblepress have come up with the absolute cutest version of their famed confetti push-pops, and it’s called confetti tape! I reached out to them to get more information about their new product, and they were kind enough to send me some to try. I’m freakin’ smitten.

(here’s the cute lil’ box it comes in)

It’s almost too much fun to handle.

(Not Your Mother's) Holiday Wrapping Inspiration! via partyofsrah.com

My favorite part about this stuff is that it eliminates the need for a stick-on bow or any fancy ribbon work. I love using ribbon on my wrapping, but it’s a bit too time consuming to use on every box. I paired my confetti tape with this mint green paper, as well as pale and hot pink papers that I purchased. One of my pals at work came up with the idea to use this striped string to wrap around the box. Loop in a pretty tag (these were also gifted from Thimblepress!) and you’re done, girl.

Next, choose a bright color scheme.

Listen here, no one ever said that red and green were the only colors you could wrap with at Christmastime.

This year, I went with black, pink, mint green, and gold.

(Not Your Mother's) Holiday Wrapping Inspiration! via partyofsarha.com

I always shop for my wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby. But NOT in the Christmas section. Head for the section where they keep solid colored and non-Christmas paper for the best options.

Just say no to stick-on bows.

Ribbon is just as simple and makes such a huge difference. Practice tying a few bows and you’ll be good to go. Here’s an easy tutorial that I’ve used in the past!

(Not Your Mother's) Holiday Wrapping Inpsiration! via partyofsarah.com

That beautiful tag is also from Thimblepress! It’s my absolute favorite. Shop it here.

Baubles for the win.

You can buy a bag of tiny ornaments or bells for practically nothing this time of year! This is another super easy way to make your gifts look like they were professionally wrapped. Choose some options in your color schemes and you’ve got it made.

(Not Your Mother's) Holiday Wrapping Inspiration! via partyofsarah.com

(Not Your Mother's) Holiday Wrapping Inspiration! via partyofsarah.com

The best part about avoiding typical Christmas wrapping paper is that you can use this stuff year-round and have the cutest birthday, wedding, and baby shower gifts on the block.

For help with wrapping a box, I use this tutorial. Here’s another one with some time-saving hacks that I’ve been meaning to try!

Happy wrapping, friends. For more of this year’s holiday content, read our run-down of the most binge worthy Christmas movies on Netflix this year, this amazing Christmas party sweater, and this holiday recipe roundup!

(Not Your Mother's!) Holiday Wrapping Inspiration via partyofsarah.com

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