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10 Things To Pack For All Your Christmas Travels!

Like many of you, I’m packing up and heading out of town on Saturday for the holidays! The mister and I are driving to Austin, TX to spend Christmas with his entire family.

I’m excited, but since it’ll be a long trip and I’ll be meeting some of his family for the first time, I put more thought into what to pack.

You know, as opposed to throwing my clean laundry in my suitcase twenty minutes before I leave.

Who does that? Not me.

Anyway, I thought I would share my packing list to help anyone else who’s hitting the road this week! I’d love to know what your Christmas must-packs are.

1. Jammies for Christmas morning

The closer it gets to Christmas, the harder it is to find festive jams. However I’ve been LIVING in these striped sleep leggings from Aerie. My gosh, they are soft. And I doubt Aerie will be as cleaned out as Old Navy or Target when it comes to pajamas!

2. Cozy socks

These have pom-poms on them, guys. POMS.

3. Extra wrapping supplies!

You never know when you’ll need ’em! My confetti tape, which I fussed about in this post, is definitely getting tossed in my bag. It’s a good idea to keep wrapping supplies around in case presents get wrecked in transit.

(Not Your Mother's) Holiday Wrapping Inspiration! via partyofsrah.com

Or, if you forgot someone. I’ve never done that either though.

4. This suitcase that I don’t actually own.

But oh my goodness, I wish I did. Wanna buy me a Christmas present? This is it, friend.

5. A sweet holiday read.

This past week I read Winter Street by Elin Hilderbrand. It was a light, Christmas-y read about a playfully dysfunctional set of adult children, their parents, and their Nantucket inn. I laughed a lot and even cried a touch at the end.

The BEST part is that it’s a series of four novels, so you better believe I’ll be toting the next two along with me this weekend. This is a popular author so I’m sure you could find all four books at your local Barnes & Noble.

6. Thank-You/Christmas Cards

10 Things to Pack For All Your Christmas Travels via partyofsarah.com

These are great to have with you, especially if you’ll be staying or visiting with family that isn’t your own. This way you can present a card in person (and make a sparkling impression!).

My buddies at Thimblepress gifted with some of their adorable cards a couple weeks ago. I’m sure there are plenty of options at Target, or even Walgreens, but you can shop the world’s cutest cards here, via my Thimblepress buds.

7. Your skin’s favorite products.

Switching climates, flying, or just sitting in front of your car’s heater will dry out your skin faster than almost anything else. It’s a good idea to make sure you’ve got what you need to combat it!

This lotion from Sephora is my favorite remedy for thirsty skin. Make sure you have chapstick on hand as well! You can visit this post for more tips on keeping your skin happy while traveling.

8. Bright (and neutral!) lip color options.

I’m a LipSense girl through and through, though I don’t sell it. It’s Christmas after all, so pack a few festive reds and pinks, but you’ll want your everyday colors as well.

9. A plush, comfy blanket.

For the car. Or while you sleep. Or just any time!

10 Things to Pack For Your Christmas Travels via partyofsarah.com

10. Something to inspire you for 2018.

I asked Santa for Emily Ley’s new book, A Simplified Life, for Christmas this year. If Santa comes through I’ll be reading this one ASAP!

The point is, whether it’s your planner for next year or a book like Emily’s, take the time to dream, plan, and focus on the next lovely year of your lovely life. You’ve earned it, bud!

Now, once again! What are your Christmas must-packs? Anything I’m forgetting? Tell me in the comments!!

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