6 Months In! A Blog Update

Someone asked me last week if I was excited about hitting the six-month mark with PartyofSarah.com.

I’m sorry, what?

Six months?

Like, six? 

Since starting this blog has been a dream of mine for literally years, it really is hard to believe that I could be on my sixth month. One the one hand this is a milestone that I’m thrilled about, but on the other hand, I have a lot of goals to make the next months even more successful than the first. Whether you’re a blogger, an aspiring blogger, or just a pal, here’s my heart on the last 6 months of running my site!

Lesson 1: The hardest part is posting content consistently.

This was my biggest challenge, and the most obvious way that I did not achieve my blogging goals this time around. First of all, I have a full-time job as a teacher, and posting content that is up to my POS standards is so much tougher than I expected. 

Not to mention, I had some unexpected things happen thus far in 2017. I lost the world’s sweetest kitty, was so floored by the initial response to my blog (way bigger and better than expected. eek!) that I was a bit paralyzed for awhile and got way behind on my posting calendar, as I tried to figure out what to do next. In short, it was harder than I expected to stick to my plan and stay consistent with 3 posts a week.

What’s the plan?

Summer is here, so I’m hoping to get into a better workflow.  I have some other announcements to make next week, but the main thing is that that I’m not going to do my best not to confuse what I want to be able to do eventually, with what I’m able to do right now.

For my blogger buds: if you’re about to launch, be very realistic with yourself about how much you can actually post in a week’s or month’s time. I was not.

Lesson 2: The blogging community is full of some of the most inspiring women and creatives ever.

I think this one speaks for itself, but meeting, reading, and learning from the amazing community of lifestyle, fashion, mom, and DIY bloggers has been the best part, hands down.

Lesson 3: Don’t try to take every blogging course out there.

You’ll go broke, and you might not learn what you need to learn.

There are so many smart bloggers, blogging coaches, and business coaches out there. If you’ve been in the blogging world for any length of time you’ve probably noticed that a lot of people make their living teaching other people how to blog.

The good news is that I (and you) have a wealth of information and teachers at our fingertips.

The bad news is, it can get really overwhelming.

The other bad news is, every single one of them is going to sound like the one course you need to skyrocket yourself to your goals.

I learned quickly that they are not in fact ALL necessary. I started doing better with the learning curve, and feeling like I was spending my money more wisely, when I limited myself to courses that were in line with specific goals that I had already made. I’ll writing a roundup of my favorite courses and groups soon, so you can get all the details if you’re a bloggy type!

Lesson 4: People really want to connect, and connect meaningfully.

I’m continually amazed by the messages I’ve received from blog readers, especially while my following is still relatively small. People reached out to check in when I hadn’t posted in awhile, and to share their stories of losing their pets. They emailed to tell me their favorite lipsticks, and about to tell me their stories of being a mess after college, just like I was.

I really do think people want to connect, and connect meaningfully. And it’s made me want to connect meaningfully, too! Being a blogger has given me the opportunity to do just that.

Lesson 5: You should do that thing you’ve been dreaming about it. You really should.

You’re going to make mistakes like I did. You’re not going to live up to your own expectations every single time.

Girl, it’s still worth it. The road to doing what makes your heart tick is going to be paved with messiness, mistakes and many lessons learned the hard way.

It’s still worth it, because I don’t have to ever begin a sentence with “When I start a blog…” ever again. What a sweet, sweet sentence to write.

Here’s to the next six months!


  1. Great post! I just started my blog! I am a teacher too and I am so worried about keeping up with everything once school starts in a few weeks! I just hit the one month mark and am looking forward to making it to 6 months! Have a great day!

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