6 Inexpensive Ways to Glam Up Your Room

Recently my little niece was coming upstairs to my room. She doesn’t come upstairs often since it’s less toddler-proofed and the stairs are no joke. Not the best for a 4 year-old.

Anyway as she’s walking up she squeezes my hand, looks up at me and says, “I can’t wait to see what colors your room is THIS time, Aunt Sarah!”

So like I might have a redecorating problem.

I love home decor and could happily redecorate three times a year if I had the funds.

Keyword being: funds.

(The fact that there is a Target within 1/4 mile of my house does not help.)

In January I wrote a round-up┬áto help you spruce up your home for the New Year, so you can get a good sense of my methods and style from there. But since then I’ve redone it all again, surprising no one, and I’m so excited to share a little tour of my bedroom/tiny office space and tell you how I mixed high-end pieces with Target and HomeGoods finds to create a space that people generally think cost way more than it did!

Please note that in my millennial heart, “high-end” means Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, and like, Pier 1.

1. Choose your investment pieces, and watch them like a hawk for markdowns.

This can take a little doing. I fawned over my Anthropologie quilt for a good 3 years before I finally got serious about buying it. I had written it off prior to because it was more than I had spent on bedding in my life, but then I decided that a three year love affair with a quilt was just too much, so I watched it carefully for a few months.

And wouldn’t you know? They released new colors last Labor Day and I snatched the sucker up before the new line was released, for about half the cost.

Now, here’s the key to really making this method work for you: choose those investment pieces WISELY.

Don’t sink your budget on a vase. A vase is not going to MAKE a room. But in a bedroom? Your bedspread will. In an office, your desk will. In your living room, an accent chair or even your couch will make a room-defining statement, no matter what it looks like.

2. Aim to invest in at least 1 statement piece, but don’t pay full price for it!

My PBTeen chair is one of my prized possessions. I stinkin’ love this thing. And you know what? It’s always the first thing people notice when they’re at my house and that warms my heart, since it’s my most favorite chair EVER!

A fancy or funky desk chair is, in my opinion, the perfect statement piece. And guess what? My exact chair is marked down by more than 50% right now, as are a TON of beautiful ones at PBTeen AND THEY ARE NOT EVEN PAYING ME TO TELL YOU THAT. I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW.

3. Come up with clever, cheap ways to organize your stuff.

This is the key to having a space that looks like it waltzed out of a magazine. It’s not about hiding your stuff, because that won’t last long anyway and you need your home to be functional. Instead, get creative about how you’re organizing and displaying.

This ring bowl, doube-tier tray, and mini dressform were less than $20 all together at Target. Here’s┬ámost of the exact pieces I have, plus a few new ones. Watch them, and I bet they’ll get even cheaper.

4. Choose artwork that matches your personality.

My “Bless This Mess” prints were custom prints from this etsy shop that I bought as a direct download, and then had them printed in the size I wanted at the FedEx store.

You’ll notice there’s not a ton of artwork on my walls because I wanted the set above my bed to be the focus. I also have three large windows on one wall, so it wouldn’t be hard to end up overpowering the space if I threw too much more on the walls.

If you’re wondering about my frames, that brings me to my next point.

5. Choose your metal, and stick to it.

You can go with gold, silver, rose gold, copper, bronze, chrome…you get it. Whatever you choose, look for it EVERYWHERE. I currently have a tub of cheap rose gold stuff that I haven’t even used yet, because I look for it everywhere I shop and if it’s less than $5, I nab it.

But, don’t stop at that. I bought a bottle of this spray paint and have used it on a bunch of stuff. Using that particular paint and a little masking tape, I created the rose gold accented edges on those frames in under an hour. I have also sprayed a lamp, some tiny chevron mirrors, and few other pieces that I loved and were cheap, but weren’t available in the right metal.

6. Use your bookshelf to tie it all together.

Don’t just throw your crap on it! Organize your books, journals, or whatever you’ve got on there by color (just don’t get too weird about it) so that it looks intentional. Identify the theme colors of your space and display the books of similar color on the center shelves of your bookcase.

Grab some cute little knicky-knacks at HomeGoods or the Target dollar section and all of the sudden, your bookshelf is playing nice with everyone else. Instead of being an eyesore.

Happy glamming, buds!

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