5 Tips For Flu Recovery (From a Teacher!)

In case you were wondering about the radio silence over here for the last two weeks, I had the flu. The dreaded, awful, influenza plague from hell. I was able to get on Tamiflu fairly quickly so the worst of it only lasted about 36 hours. But if you’ve had the flu before, you know that your fever breaking is only the beginning.

We teachers know this best. Why?

  1. We get the flu (and the like) a lot. Kids are basically just incubi of the viral plague.
  2. We can’t stay away from work for long without everything falling apart.

And we teachers aren’t the only ones. Cause you’re important, you know? And unless you are able to work from home with no questions asked, you’ve gotta get back there.

So your fever is gone, the aches and shakes have mostly subsided, and it’s time to go back to work.

And you still feel like crap.

Girl, I got you. Here’s my 5 best tips for surviving flu recovery like the champ you are.

1. Here’s an obvious one: don’t go back to work yet.

Just because you’re no longer contagious or running a fever doesn’t mean that you are well. The flu, strep, bad colds, stomach bugs, all that. They take it out of you. And while it’s a huge relief when the more severe symptoms subside, please don’t kid yourself into thinking you are ready to go back to conquering the world. Your body needs to recover. For as long as you possibly can, let it.

2. Just say no to dairy, take-out, and fried food.

You will recover much faster if you stick with healthier options like salads, soup, and plenty of fruit. If you’re too tired to cook, places like Panera and Zoe’s Kitchen can be your best friends. I would also recommend bulking up your protein intake with things like eggs, lean meats, and avocados.

Most importantly, drink water. Drink all the water. The sugary stuff isn’t going to do you any favors, and you need to do yourself some favors right now.

3. Make sure your co-workers know that you aren’t fully recovered yet.

I may go a little overboard on this one, but I make SURE that my students and coworkers know that I’m not at 100% yet. Why?

Because you have a lot to catch up on already, you’re gonna need some grace, and you’re going to need to not get saddled with any extra work.

I cut myself some extra slack by wearing less makeup, comfier clothes, and my glasses my first few days back.  I’m open with my students and with my teacher buds that I’m still not back to my normal self (and my appearance says the same thing).

Unless you’re able to stay home until you ARE at 100% then don’t kid yourself, and don’t try to kid anyone else.

4. Clear your schedule.

Other than work, you need to bow out of everything else for the week. Unless you want to keep feeling like total crap for another 3 days, then you’re going to need to come home after work and do nothing but watch reruns of Downton Abbey and drink inordinate amounts of water.

What does this mean, exactly?

-It means that now is not the time to clean your entire house.

-It means if you absolutely cannot bow out of a commitment, you ask for help from a buddy.

-It means not partying your heart out over the weekend.

-It means NAP.

What it really means is, don’t be afraid to say no.

5. Get back to exercising, but not for a few days.

I’m an avid fan of Pure Barre, and starting my day this way makes a huge difference in my morning, my day, and my life (I wrote more about this here). It also helps to get me out of the sick-girl rut, but NOT if I go back too soon. If you do that, you’re going to feel sick, get dehydrated, and deplete your already depleted body.

So by all means, get back to the gym! But here’s my rule of thumb: Wait until you’ve been fever free at least 3 days before you even think about it. I personally wait 5, to be on the safe side, and I feel AWESOME after that first workout.

Feel better soon, friend!

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