Stop Starving at Work! 5 Snacks You NEED in Your Office

Alright, here’s one of my worst habits: I forget to eat.

Some of you may be thinking that that doesn’t sound so bad, but trust me, it’s not good. It usually results in me not realizing I’ve skipped a meal until I’m absolutely starving, and have lost all ability to make a smart decision about what I should eat. And then I gorge on like twenty McNuggets and a large fry and a strawberry milkshake and maybe also a cheeseburger and call it good. Until (duh) ten minutes later when I have a headache and stomachache and everything aches, and there goes my productivity for the rest of the day.

Not ideal.

I’ve also never been a good breakfast-eater, which means even if I don’t skip lunch, I’m often ridiculously hungry by the time 11:30 rolls around. And then once again, I usually don’t make a smart decision about lunch. Rather than forcing myself to eat a full meal when I’m stressed out, or to keep myself from getting so hungry that I lose all sense of brain power, I started being disciplined about keeping snacks around my office constantly.

Listen, you’re too cool to be starving all the time. Maybe you’re the opposite of me and you’re a stress-eater? Girl, live your life. Go on about your bad self. Either way, here’s the snack system I figured out to help keep us from starving. Your health is too important for that!

5 Snacks You NEED in Your Office!

You NEED….healthy microwave¬†popcorn.

As well know, popcorn is about as low maintenance as it gets. Plus, most of us have access to a microwave somewhere at work. This a favorite snack of mine because it’s filling without a ton of calories, you can warm from the microwave or after it’s cooled, and my coworkers come running to say hi when they smell it. Now, I’ve heard a bunch of scary things about the butter used on microwave popcorn, so I recommend this one from Orville Redenbacher’s Natural line. You can pick it up at any grocery store, which is a plus. If you want something even more healthful, I love this one from 365, which you can get at Whole Foods. Pop away!

You NEED….fruit strips.

I grabbed these once in the check-out line at Target and they quickly became a staple around my office. Simply Balanced is a brand sold at Target that I really, really like. It’s a quick way to get some fruit in that doesn’t require keeping fresh fruit around your office (I mean, you probably should, but these work in a pinch!). If you haven’t tried these guys before, give them a chance!

You NEED….a stack of bistro boxes

If you don’t have time for lunch, these guys will save the day. I usually grab a few every other week to keep in my fridge at work. I think Target has the best ones, but I know Starbucks and other grocery stores have their variations as well! My favorite includes slices of swiss cheese, fresh berries, and almonds. Filling and healthy, y’all.

You NEED….nutritious granola bars.

Or some variation of the above. Those Quaker Chewy bars from our childhood aren’t actually so great for you, but there’s a ton of options nowadays! I usually have a box of either KIND bars or a Larabar in my office, but there are a ton of options. The key is to avoid anything packed with straight up granola, and thus gluten. Those aren’t nutritious anyway and may leave you slumped later.

You NEED….water! Seriously.

I’m convinced that none of us drink enough water these days. I decided to do better when I started reading about how dehydration actually caused increased cravings (especially for sugar), which I just don’t need. If all else fails than keep a case of bottled water around, but, the environment, you know? You’re better off getting a big glass or plastic cup that has a big enough top for ice, and a straw. I drink a ton more water when there’s straw (also there was this one time I dumped my Nalgene all over my keyboard…). I keep rubber ice cube trays in my freezer too, because I’ve noticed I’m happier when my water is ice cold, instead of tap temperature. It’s the little things, right?

Anyway. Get a cup. Become friends with your cup. Fill your cup multiple times a day. Don’t leave your cup at home. It doesn’t belong there. It belongs by your side.

Alrighty, what are YOUR favorite snacks to keep around the office? Are you meal-forgetter like me, or a stress-eater? Leave a comment and tell me!!

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