5 Bloggers I’m Loving Right Now

At least by Oklahoma standards, it is FREEZING outside today! So cold in fact, that I woke up to an automated text from my school district telling me that classes had to be cancelled (surprise!). Today will be all about staying warm, taking it easy, and catching up with my favorite bloggers!

Because you’re reading mine, I’m assuming you and me both love a good blog. Blogs are inspiring and personal, beautiful and real. Bloggers have a way of inspiring us that almost nothing else does. In honor of my little snow day, I’d love to introduce you to five of the bloggers I’m reading on the daily right now.

Girl, it’s Friday. Take a few minutes and catch up with your favorite bloggers, and meet mine too!

1. Lauren of LAUREN LOVES

I’ve been following Lauren’s blog for years, and she’s one of my absolute favorites. She’s a twenty-something with amazing taste, a super simple yet beautiful wardrobe, and a very down-to-earth vibe. She also owns her own jewelry business, which, come on. #GirlBoss

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone straight to Lauren’s site for inspiration when I don’t know what to wear in the morning. I think  you’ll love her!!

Visit her blog here.


I’ve gotten a few questions about how I style my hair this past week. I would love to do a tutorial in the future, but honestly, the best way for me to explain would be to simply send you over to Kate’s blog. Her site is a treasure trove of amazing, do-able hairstyles. My go-to straight, curly, and wavy styles are all from tutorials I found on The Small Things Blog. I honestly feel like I didn’t truly know how to style my hair until I found Kate when I was in college.

In addition to the awesome tutorials, Kate has really lovely fashion sense, the two cutest little boys, and plenty to say about makeup, life, and style. And she’s hilarious on SnapChat. Incidentally, she’s also Lauren’s sister!

Get some Small Things in your life here.


This is one of the brightest, most aesthetically pleasing blogs out there. While still having the feel of a lifestyle blog, her site is overflowing with gorgeous photography and beautiful wallpapers for your phone or laptop, and she adds designs all the time. The whole thing is just pure eye candy.

Plus, Bri has built her blog up to a HUGE following and full-time business, which is super inspiring. Don’t even get me started on her perfect blonde hair.

Get in on the eye candy here.


Y’all, I am convinced that there is no better food blogger out there. You could get lost in Nikki’s recipe archives for HOURS. I’ve tried at least 10, if not more recipes from this blog and have not had a single one fail. And I’m not the best chef out there, I assure you.

The best part about Nikki is that her recipes are equal parts (see what I did there) do-able and impressive. It’s a lot of comfort food, which I love, but the kind stuff I’m just as happy making for myself as I am bringing to a dinner party. The next time you need a recipe for anything, just do yourself a favor and go directly to Chef In Training. You won’t regret it.

Or, just visit her here today!

5. Lauren of LOVE LOLA

This girl has the sweetest smile, and the most beautiful lifestyle photography! You’ll visit her site and feel like you’re already best friends, I guarantee you. Lauren blogs about being a young mom, style, and travel, but she’s also a dietician! This makes for some really cool perspective and a LOT of yummy and simple recipes.

Love Lola is a newer find for me, but I’m so glad I found her! Her blog does a fantastic job of being a really all-encompassing lifestyle blog, you know what I mean? You can tell right away that it’s a really well put-together creative outlet for her, and I know you’ll love getting to know her blog, just like I am!

Visit her here.

You tell me! Which bloggers should I check out?

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