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3 Reasons to Shop Boutiques + a Giveaway!

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I wrote about my love for shopping local in this post, but today we’re talking specifically about boutique shopping!

Nowadays, boutiques are much more accessible than they used to be. The majority of local shops have websites, and more and more of them are ditching the storefront and selling their goods exclusively online.  So even though I literally JUST bought a pair of black skinnies from Madewell.com, my closet and jewelry rack have more boutique finds than ever.

Here’s 3 reasons YOU should be shopping local and online boutiques way more often than you are!

1. Boutiques are the holy grail of unique pieces with exquisite details.

Take this GORGEOUS blue kimono from J.Spencer in my hometown.

5 Reasons to Shop Boutiques via partyofsarah.com

Holy mother of DETAIL, am I right? This piece has delicate embroidery and velvet on an already beautiful, vibrant fabric. If I’d have found something like it at any of my usual spots, like Target or MadeWell, I’m betting the cost (or quality) would have kept it out of my closet.

2. Build a look that’s uniquely yours.

I mean, gimme all the hot pink. You know?

But that’s just me: I love pink and blue hues that are bright without looking costume-y. My pink peplum top is from Gray Monroe and for obvious reasons (read: PINK) I couldn’t resist it. Gray Monroe is Tulsa-based but doesn’t have a traditional storefront; they operate almost exclusively online. My top is sold-out, but there’s plenty more where that vibe came from.

Stick to tried and true retailers for your staples, but sprinkling in boutique finds overflowing with personality, you’ll be on your way to creating your own unique style.

Not to mention, there’s much less of a risk that you’ll see carbon copies of your pink top walking around the mall. Amirite?

3. Expand your jewelry rack.

5 Reasons to Shop Boutiques via partyofsarah.com

It’s hard to make out, but my circle pendant from Elisabeth Ashlie is personalized with 1 tiny word that I like to remember on my best and worst days (bless). And it was a mere $25. Yes, way.

I don’t about you, but my budget can’t manage designer jewelry. I’ve been gifted a number of Kendra Scott pieces that I love and wear often, but my budget doesn’t allow for that to be the norm. That pendant up there is a staple, and I have a number of statement necklaces and earrings, all from local boutiques, that make more appearances in my outfits than any of their Kendra counterparts.

J.Spencer is one of my absolute favorite spots for jewelry. It’s one of those rare places where I walk in and want everything. Don’t worry if you’re not local, they have an online shop, but either way, find a local jewelry boutique you love. Your closet will thank you.

Speaking of which…

I’m hosting a giveaway over on my Instagram today! I’ve partnered with my friends at J.Spencer to give one lucky reader a $25 gift card, redeemable online or in stores!

To enter:

  1. Head over to my Insta.
  2. Be sure you’re following me!
  3. Like the giveaway post.
  4. Tag a pal!

Good luck!

3 Reasons to Shop Boutiques via partyofsarah.com

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