10 Amazing Ways to Treat Yo Self This Halloween

10 Amazing Ways to Treat Yo’ Self This Halloween

I’ll tell you straight: I don’t really like dressing up for Halloween.

I know. THAT, from a former theatre teacher? What kind of person (who used to dabble in costumes for a living) wouldn’t like to dress up for Halloween?

I’ve decided it’s because October is always so busy for me that it catches me by surprise, and I never have time to get anything together. I really do love the fall season and Halloween is part of that, but I don’t yet have kids to take treat-or-treating. And if Halloween is on a week night, I can’t go out anyway.

In the same boat? Or maybe you do have kids to take out and about, but want to do something on your own to celebrate? I’ve got your back with 10 Amazing Ways to Treat Yo’ Self, just time in time for Halloween!

1. Make your whole house smell like Halloween (or, just like fall!)

On your way home from work, grab a fall-ish candle from Bath & Body or wherever. Or, like my mom always used to do, throw some cinnamon sticks in a pot of bowling water on the stove to truly scent up your entire house.

2. Invite some pals over and make these adorable Halloween tacos…

So cute, so festive, and SO easy, ya know?

3. Or this pumpkin alfredo, if you’re feeling a lil fancy…

This is what I’ll be doing! Follow me on Instagram to see how it turns out!

4. And don’t forget, you can never go wrong with a pot of chili.

Check here for a basic recipe, here for chili mac, and here for white chicken chili. These are my faves!

5. And for dessert? Don’t underestimate the amazing-ness of pumpkin ice cream.

Seriously. I’m not into pumpkin everything, but ice cream? Yes.

6. Wear your cutest, coziest scarf to work.

This pink plaid one from Target is calling my name, surprising no one.

7. Put on a classic Halloween flick…

Hocus Pocus anyone?

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I found the mother-load of Disney Channel Original Movies on Amazon when I had a cold two weeks ago. I can’t think of a better way for a 27 year-old to celebrate Halloween than with Halloweentown, CAN I GET AN AMEN?

8. Or a scarier one.

In my opinion, nothing beats a 90’s horror flick like Scream. But if you’re hella brave (and I am NOT) then try The Woman in Black (streaming free on Amazon Prime right now) or something horrifying like that.

9. Leave the light on for the trick-or-treaters…

Don’t forget to pick up some candy on your way home from work!

10. Or, you know, don’t.

No shame if you want a quieter night. I’ll be leaving my porch light on for about an hour before the Hocus Pocus and candy/pumpkin ice cream binge begins. Then off it goes.

And if I haven’t finished the second season Stranger Things yet, then I’ll be closing up shop even sooner!

How are you celebrating? Pop over to Instagram and let me know, or leave me a comment here!

Happy Halloween from PartyofSarah.com!

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